Woods Pererenan

Woods Pererenan – WOODS serves delectable cuisines made from the finest local ingredients. In other words, satisfied taste buds and belly are guaranteed here at WOODS. Not only that, your mind and well-being will also be nurtured by the most serene atmosphere as WOODS has brought nature inside its ample space.

Just like its name, WOODS, which means a land covered with growing trees, it aspires to present you with greeneries that you’ve been longing for by implementing different kinds of textures of wood into its main design scheme. Simply put, we’re a restaurant which is inspired by nature and the love of good food and beverage.

At WOODS, you can catch yourself being in the relaxing surrounds of scenery with the company of not only good food, but also our locally-sourced cocktails inspired by Indonesian taste, popular spirits, and a spectacular sommelier-selected wine list.

If you long for a happy place to discover and appreciate food and community while being basked with comforting quietude, come and feel the sensation of overall nourishment at WOODS!

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